We are a boutique film production company based in Karlsruhe, Germany, specializing in the conception and realization of ambitious narrative film works, documentaries and video art. With a strong focus on creative innovation and artistic expression, the company offers a versatile platform for filmmakers who want to explore new avenues in film.

Our projects are characterized by a wide variety of themes, styles and formats. By focusing on cultural and artistic significance, they reach audiences looking for challenging, inspiring and unconventional film experiences.

As a place of creative innovation, neuzeit Filmagentur stands for openness and cooperation. It connects filmmakers, networks, film funds and co-production partners and opens up the possibility of jointly exploring new cinematic horizons and implementing innovative ideas in the fields of arthouse, video art, documentary and series production.

We strive to create a creative environment in which filmmakers can pursue their individual visions and artistic concepts in order to make a positive contribution to the film industry.
We combine years of experience, a deep understanding of film language and an unwavering dedication to creative artistic expression. We thrive in an inspiring environment where creative ideas flourish and innovative concepts come to life. Our approach is based on a strong artistic vision, a sense of aesthetics and a deep understanding of story impact.

We believe that films have the power to move, inspire and make people think. Our goal is to tell stories that leave a lasting impression and touch audiences emotionally.To do this, we often leave the confines of conventional cinema and explore new ways of storytelling.

We firmly believe that art and culture have an important impact on society. Through our work, we aim to raise awareness of social and cultural challenges and initiate positive change. We want to inspire audiences, make them think, and encourage discussion about important social and philosophical issues.
We are committed to telling meaningful stories that capture the diversity and complexity of human life. Our commitment to sustainability, social change, art and culture is integral to our work. We believe that art has transformative power and can make a positive contribution to the world.

As a Karlsruhe-based film production company, we are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to collaborate with talented filmmakers, broadcasters, film funders, festivals, distributors and co-production partners. We value the exchange with other creative minds and are open to new projects and ideas that share our passion for film. Full of curiosity, we work to constantly expand our network of contacts and partnerships in the film and art world.

We believe in the power of collaboration and sharing to push the boundaries of the medium and create innovative work. If you are interested in working with us or would simply like to learn more about our work, we look forward to hearing from you. We welcome everyone in the film and art world and are eager to make new connections to create inspiring projects together.





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