UNIVERSITÄT STUTTGART | Stuttgarter Maschinenbau

Universität Stuttgart STUTTGARTER MASCHINENBAU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkXg3CFhvuA DAS PROJEKT KATEGORIECorporateKUND:INNENUniversität StuttgartJAHR2020DIRECTORPatrick Alan BanfieldDIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHYNicolas C. Geissler, Magnus MaurathAn image film for the mechanical engineering course at the University of Stuttgart

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Sven Eric Maier BLACK FOREST WITCH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PS4ToeAnoRg DAS PROJEKT KATEGORIECorporateKUND:INNENHornbach Baumarkt AGJAHR2018DIRECTOR and PRODUCERSven Eric MaierDIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHYNicolas C. GeisslerASSISTANT DIRECTOR and SLATENadine KnoblauchASSISTANT CAMERAJens WillmsSOUND DESIGNSirius KestelCOLORISTBenedikt HölzlAn innocent…

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Hornbach Baumarkt AG | Klick-Vinyl verlegen

Hornbach Baumarkt AG MEISTERSCHMIEDE: KLICK-VYNIL VERLEGEN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcZd7cqp3qk DAS PROJEKT KATEGORIECorporateKUND:INNENHornbach Baumarkt AGJAHR2016DIRECTORPatrick Alan BanfieldDIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHYNicolas C. GeisslerThree instructional content-marketing short films for HORNBACH that show how to lay various…

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h-Aero | Crowdfundingfilm

h-aero CROWDFUNDINGFILM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQSg_57RjGE DAS PROJEKT KATEGORIECorporateKUND:INNENH-AeroJAHR2017DIRECTORPatrick Alan BanfieldPRODUCERBenedikt HölzlDIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHYNicolas C. GeisslerA crowdfunding corporate film for the startup "H-Aero" which mainly produces an unmanned aerial carrier vehicle for applications…

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Krause Guss | Imagefilm

Krause Guss KOKILLENGUSS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeB4NtZfvkk DAS PROJEKT KATEGORIECorporateKUND:INNENKrause GussJAHR2018DIRECTORPatrick Alan BanfieldDIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHYNicolas C. GeisslerAn instructional commercial for "Krause Guss" that shows the know-how and the expertise of the company in…

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FDC System | Startup

FDC System CROWDFUNDINGFILM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUpyyD8gTHI DAS PROJEKT KATEGORIECorporateKUND:INNENFDC-SystemJAHR2018DIRECTOR and PRODUCERBenedikt HölzlDIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHYNicolas C. GeisslerASSISTANT CINEMATOGRAPHYMagnus MaurathA crowdfunding corporate film for the startup "FDC-System" which mainly want to establish a digital…

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